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A few weeks back I got the Olympus 14-150mm. Here are my first impressions of this all-in-one lens. I am really happy to have this lens as a walk around or all purpose lens. Not really heavy and the OMD EM-5 still fits in my leather case with this lens on, even with the lens hood on (reverse). It is really light and I can carry it around in my hand for hours. It is an ideal addition to the Panasonic 25mm and maybe one day I would like to get an ultra wide to have eternal piece. :-) But all that apart the big question is, does the lens deliver quality. Already after a few weeks (essentially hours of usage only) I must say that I am very happy with my latest purchase.

First impression is good!!! I still can not get used to the lens turning in the other direction than my Nikon glass for focusing and I still have trouble to get a clear close(er)-up picture of someone moving/walking in about a 15 to 20 meter distance. But I guess I need more practice and some things are not meant to be done without a tripod. I very much like the color this Olympus combo delivers. For instance, the feature image was not post processed at all. Lovely! Distortion in the wide area (14 to about 18) is a little more than what I am used to from my Nikkor 20mm but I am actually a fan of that effect and do usually not try to get rid of that in post process anyway. This lens will see more usage in the future for sure and is a keeper.

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