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Hohenzollern is a truly beautiful castle in the middle of the Black Forest. A great place to visit and shoot some wide angle pictures and feel and see how the novels lived a few hundred years back. Of course my Sony 16-35mm F4 came to play on the A7 and I am really happy with the results in particular in the very wide angle area. To “back up” the Sony I had my trusty Olympus OMD EM5 with the 14-150mm in my bag too and it came in handy for the tele end (only shot with the Oly is the front of the castle sitting on top of the foresty hill). It was a cloudy day with some rain drops so the colors where not so impressive as opposed to the clouds. So in postproduction I opted for black and white. All in all, no matter what camera you carry (or not) Hohenzollern is a magical place well worth visiting!

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