Short visit to the zoo

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Christmas brought the rather new Panasonic 100-400mm lens to me. Well, christmas and selling some other lenses I had. Anyway, a short trip to the Zoo was very welcomed to check the capabilities of said lens. I used my trusty and very small Panasonic GM5 with it and was very surprised how portable this setup was given the reach and functionality of the lens. So the overall experience of handling this combo was a mere pleasure. But not only the gear was a nice experience. This time around we saw some animals up very close that usually are hidden and hard to see. The lens held its promise and I was very surprised about the results. Even when using slower shutter speeds. Thinking the pictures were shot with the un-stabilized GM5 sensor. Would using a GX80 make it even better? But I am not sure if lens stabilization or sensor stabilization act exclusively from each other anyway? But anyway, I find the results to be very sharp and I very much like the colors produced straight from the Jpegs. Must say I am very happy I traded in my Pany 100-300 as the additional reach really made it possible to get in very close with the zoo animals (probably pays out in wild life as well). The only regret I have, is that very day I spotted the chameleon very late while it was already getting dark. Since I did not want to use a flash, the natural light was not sufficient to get a decent picture anymore. But better luck next time! ! :-)

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